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Ginger (KKB) 姜 RM 10/kg

Bentong ginger is famous for its fragrance, spiciness and no residue. That is because farmers adhere to the most natural cultivation methods, insisting on "fallow" the land for five years after the ..

Raub Fresh Premium Musang King 猫山王榴莲鲜果肉 400g+-

✅Durians from Raub High Mountain, Pahang ✅Ensures the preservation of up to 99% of the durian texture and taste. ✅Net Weight 400g+- per packet of durian pulp ✅Guaranteed Export Quality..

Red chilli (Kulai) 古来椒 RM 12/kg

Kulai chili is one of the Cayenne Chili variety which under Capsicum annum originated from South America. The fruit is more to long and slim, wrinkled skin and curved tip. The specialties of Kulai chi..

Red Cili 红辣椒 RM10.50/kg

Red chili is a very important spices which people always add it in the dishes to elevate the taste of the dishes. Red chili has high nutrition and it also helps to replenish nutrition that human body ..

Rock melon (Japan) 哈密瓜

RM58.00 RM98.00
Rock Melon is known as the "King of the Melon", and it is a tropical fruit.  Especially in the hot season, it has significant effect to remove lung heat, relieve cough, cure illness, cure hunger ..
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Mini eggplant (Japan) RM 7.50/kg

Eggplant is species in the nightshade family (Solanaceae) which is originated from India. Eggplant is grown worldwide for its high nutrient value and it is a welcoming dishes in many countries due ..
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